The original PSK-80 was designed by Dave Benson, K1SWL, and has been produced by Small Wonder Labs, and by the New Jersey QRP Club, the members of which nicknamed the rig the 'Warbler'.

The Top Band Warbler is on the air, currently producing 3.5 watts p.e.p. output over a 500 Hz sliver of the 160m band, 1809 to 1809.5 KHz, and has made well over one hundred contacts on CW, 11 contacts on classic RTTY, 12 contacts on PSK31, and one contact on single-sideband, suppressed-carrier phone.

Antenna is the GADS! (Gutter And Down Spout! on the west end of our home). Using an Icom AH-4 remote autotuner.

For all my favorite modes, I am using Multipsk software which runs under Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition on an ASUS Eee PC1000HEB netbook, manufactured in 2009, to which I added a USB-to-RS-232C adapter cable.

Best CW DX from here in sw Virginia so far is with K5BG, Weatherford, Texas...about 1024 miles.

Best classic RTTY DX is with AA1E, Swanton, Vermont...about 662 miles.

Best PSK31 DX is with KF9KV, New Glarus, Wisconsin...about 614 miles.

Best SSB phone DX is with KI3DS, Pasadena, Maryland...about 256 miles.

7th-order low-pass filter module - mounted via standoff - is positioned just above the rig's p.a. stage, and replaces the Warbler's original 3-pole low-pass filter. Lpf L & C values calculated at:

Image of the current state of the TBW (Top Band Warbler) project:

For operation at 1809 to 1809.5 KHz, the following are different from values shown in the mods document below: Y1, Y2, Y4, Y5 equal 1809 KHz crystals which were custom-manufactured for me by ICM.

C3 = 2.7 pF and Y3 remains an 1810 KHz crystal. This combination causes the carrier osc / BFO to run at 1811.0 KHz. DigiPan, Multipsk etc, then, operate at audio frequencies spanning 2000 Hz for 1809 KHz output, to 1500 Hz for 1809.5 KHz output.

Y6 remains a jumper wire only.

Top Band Warbler mods