The 40-meter Warbler project is yet another adaptation of Dave Benson's ( K1SWL ) PSK-80 Warbler rig. See Dave's original design at

The 40-meter Warbler is on the air, with 2 to 3 watts p.e.p. output over the span of approximately 7037-7039 KHz. Prior to 01 January 2010, the antenna was an endfed wire, 80m long and 5m above ground. On 01 January 2010, the antenna became the GADS! (Gutter And Down Spout!). Automatic antenna tuner is the Icom AH-4 with a homebrew controller.

As of the latest update to this page (26 September 2010), the 40m Warbler QSO count stands at well over 300, with 147 contacts in CW mode, 58 contacts in BPSK31 mode, and 142 contacts in classic RTTY mode. Currently, my favorite all-mode software is Multipsk.

Best CW DX from grid EM97qe, so far, is NG7Z, Paul, Bothell, Washington...about 2218 miles. Other 40m Warbler contacts of note include:

40m Warbler CW QSO number 100 was with NW0AA, op Dan, at the northernmost QTH in the lower 48...NW Angle, Minnesota.

WB8UWK, Steve, Wickliffe, Ohio - the 40m Warbler's first-ever contact, which took place on 23 July 2008.

N8BB / M, Werner, during his commute home in Michigan.

W8LPR/VE3, Mike, on a boat which was at anchor, somewhere on Lake Huron.

K8FGL with K8DD, Hank, at the key, Fort Gratiot Lighthouse. Also, N2MO, op Denis, Sandy Hook Lighthouse.

WW2LST, op Jack, operating 1940's vintage RCA transmitting & receiving gear, aboard WWII LST 325, Hannibal, Missouri.

N9SKN/P, Aaron in his favorite lawnchair, running a homebrew Sierra at 4 watts output, by the lake in the park in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

WZ8S, Tom, running a Pixie II at 300 milliwatts output, in Hart, Michigan.

Beginning at 1301 UTC, Sunday, 07 September 2008, had a CW QSO on 7038.9 KHz with ghost station, WA2NOL, Mike, White Plains, New York. Seems WA2NOL currently exists only in the aether and has a good fist!

Best BPSK31 DX is VA7PX, John, Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada, grid CN88iu, IOTA NA-075...about 2266 miles.

Best classic RTTY DX is IK4MGP, Fulvio, Predappio (FC), Italy...about 4612 miles.

Above is a hastily-snapped image of the current state of the 40-meter Warbler project.

Above is a screenshot of the 40m Warbler's best classic RTTY DX contact.

Above is a screenshot of an early 40m Warbler CW QSO.

CW and PSK31 signals as received by the 40m Warbler.

CW contact as received by the 40m Warbler and MRP40 software.

RTTY night on the 40m Warbler. Shown in DigiPan for the great panoramic view!

Actual Classic RTTY contacts as received by the 40m Warbler and MMTTY software.